• Rebecca Giles

Autism in Ministry

Did you know that Jesus sometimes calls his autistic friends to become missionaries or pastors, or to serve him in other ways?

Well yes, whether you're autistic or not doesn't affect your ability to serve Jesus in any capacity. This is because Jesus can use anyone for anything, you know, because he's sufficiently powerful. If he calls us to serve him, it's not up to our abilities. It's up to his abilities. We aren't doing it on our own, because he stays with us and enables us to do it all.

Here are some examples of ways in which Jesus has called his autistic friends to serve him:

1) Steven Kunkel is a missionary to Japan. He has autism and was nonverbal until age 6.

Here are links to two articles about Steven:

Born for this: Autistic child becomes missionary to Japan

Autism is a ministry 'benefit' for Japan missionary Steven Kunkel

2) Lamar Hardwick is a pastor who has high-functioning autism (Asperger's).

Here is Lamar's website.

3) Christopher Duffley, the singer in this worship music video, has autism and is blind.

Here is another one of Christopher's songs from when he was 10.

Here is Christopher's website.

4) Kaylee Rogers is an 11-year-old singer who has autism and ADHD. Here is a video of her song "Hallelujah."

5) Lori Sealy is a Christian singer and songwriter who has autism. Her husband is a pastor.

Here is Lori's website.

6) Fr. Matthew P. Schneider, LC is a Catholic priest who has high-functioning autism (Asperger's). Here is his blog, "Through Catholic Lenses."

7) Rhiannon H. Rees is a 52-year-old Autistic woman living in the United Kingdom. She does altar serving and intercessions at her church. Rhiannon has written her own version of The Stations of the Cross, using experiences of Autism. You can buy it through Lu Lu or Amazon.

Isn't it amazing and incredible that God doesn't have any limitations on how he can use us? He can use our autism as a way to demonstrate his infinite and marvelous power; we are like living testimonies to him, because our limitations can reveal his strength.

Do you know some more people who have autism and are active in Christian ministry? If so, contact me so that I can start another list of examples.